About Us

Axiom Tool Co was started by founder Eric Day to be the premiere source for professional tools and equipment needed in the transportation repair industry. The market is flooded with tools and equipment, as well as sellers. Its often hard to find the product that fits your needs best, and even harder to find a seller that can support those needs. With 16 years of experience in the industry, we have what it takes to support your needs. Here at Axiom we only offer premium quality equipment, and we back the equipment we sell with premium customer service, support, & training. We are a small business that values every customer relationship. Our product quality and customer service are extremely important to us.

Some of the areas we provide equipment for are automotive, HD truck, off highway equipment, powersports, and marine. We sell diagnostic equipment, collision repair equipment, AC Machines, lifts, air compressors, as well as many other items.

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