Vividia ME-610 Articulating Probe Borescope 3.3ft, 6mm

Sale price$1,299.98


Have you ever dropped your borescope probe into a difficult spot and still cant see? Most of the time the camera never lands where you intend it to go. Been there done that! Likely the problem your having is just because your current borescope doesn't have the correct features to get the job done. Axiom Tool Co is here to help with that!! 

This 360 degree articulating probe borescope is just what every tech needs. When compared to other borescopes on the market, the articulation, the image clarity, & the lighting functions on this machine make it the clear winner each time. 

Purposely built for automotive and industrial inspection diagnostics. Commonly used to examine car engine cylinder block, valve, piston head, nozzle, catalytic converter, evap tank, body panes, etc. 

  • 3.5 TFT LCD
  • 1 meter / 3.3ft probe
  • 6mm diameter tungsten braided probe w/ 360 degree joystick articulation
  • camera probe & tube have waterproof IP67 rating
  • impact, fall, & scratch proof sapphire camera lens
  • Picture and video - 8gb mini SD card makes transferring pics and vids a breeze. pics -JPG, vids-AVI
  • Rechargeable, includes 18650 Rechargeable lithium battery
  • field replaceable camera probe lead, & unit can be sent in for repairs.
  • Optional additional length and diameter probes to choose from.(please contact us to discuss these options)

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