Solidus Allsweld Microspot dent pulling station


Introducing the Solidus Allsweld MicroSpot Dent Puller – your ultimate solution for efficient and user-friendly dent removal. This compact powerhouse is loaded with features, providing a comprehensive set of attachments including a slide hammer, pulling hook, H puller, key tab shooter, washer chuck, along with included washers and key tabs. Its compact size and versatile design make it the go-to tool for achieving precise and hassle-free dent repairs. Elevate your dent pulling experience with the Solidus MicroSpot, where high efficiency seamlessly meets convenience in a compact and powerful design. Upgrade the way you approach dent repair with Solidus Allsweld MicroSpot Dent Puller.

  • Adjustable weld current leaves only a “Micro Spot” area with NO risk of E-coat burn through, eliminating the risk for rust
  • A single phase 110V or 220V high-efficiency, continuous welder that leaves a limited heat-affect area
  • Very easy-to-use with adjustable welding currents
  • Long and lightweight cables make for easy work
  • Trolley is included

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