Solidus MLT-3 Multi - Use Table


MLT-3 Multi-Use Table

The Solidus MLT-3 Multi-Use Table and mobile lifting cart is designed to assist in the installation and removal of electric vehicle batteries and other vehicle components. It is also very useful for holding and installing engines, gearboxes, drive axles, fuel tanks, suspensions and chassis components of traditional vehicles, all while moving it conveniently around the shop.

The table top is expandable, rotatable and adjustable. It also holds adjustable fixtures for holding and securing vehicle components.


MLT-3 Multi-Use Table Features

  • The mobile and compact structure makes it easy to enter and exit service space.
  • It is hydraulically driven with mechanical locking protection.
  • The suspension platform can move freely within a radius of 30mm, while the lower platform can move within a radius of 20mm to satisfy multiple positions.
  • The table is rotatable and adjustable using the remote control.
  • Positioning and fixing components with specialized fixtures.

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