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The TOPDON TP48 TPMS Diagnostic Tool allows you to activate, read, diagnose and service all major OEM and aftermarket sensor brands. This tool expands on the robust features of the TP47 by offering new software features such as OBDII capabilities, OBDII relearning procedures, and Sync ID. Other software features include the ability to perform ECU unlocking and placard adjustments, and the new programming feature lets users retrieve vehicle IDs from the ECU. The wider compatibility of the TP48 will make your work process smoother, servicing all your customers with just one device. With this product, technicians will get the reliable data needed to better serve their clients, such as sensor IDs, pressure, temperature, battery status, and more.   

  • 98.6% Relearn Coverage 
  • Provides All Manual Relearn Procedures 
  • Triggers/Diagnoses 100% of OE Sensors 
  • Programs Over 20 Aftermarket Sensor Brands 
  • Includes over 15 Different TPMS Functions 
  • OBDII Relearning 
  • Placard Adjustment 
  • ECU Unlocking 
  • Part# Lookup...and much more 
  • Compatible with the following Aftermarket Sensors: Alligator, DILL, John Dow Dynamic, Schrader EZ-Sensor, BHSENSIntelliSens, MAX Sensor,Mobiletron, Orange, PDQ, Steelman,Hamaton U-Pro, REDI Sensor, QWIK Sensor 
  • Includes OBDII cable 
  • 5 years of free software updates

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