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The Tornado 30000 is an upper-mid-level smart charger made for personal or commercial use. It's made to revive 6V, 12V, and 24V lead-acid batteries as well as 12V lithium batteries. This device supports a range of battery capacities from 50Ah to 1000Ah. With a 9-step smart charging method and 12 charging modes, the Tornado 30000 provides unparalleled protection and charging capabilities for its users.

  • Works on 6V, 12V, & 24V Batteries
  • 9 Step Smart-Charging
  • 12 Charging Modes
  • 3 Charging Currents: 30A, 15A, and 10A
  • Charges Multiple Batteries At Once
  • Checks for Sulphation and Acid Stratification
  • Waterproof, ABS Flame Retardant, Prevents Sparks
  • Protects Against Reverse Polarities, Reverse Charges, Short
  • Suitable For AGM, WET, GEL, MF, CAL, EFB, and More Batteries

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